Re designing the torch

The torch was redesigned completely, originally it looked like this: The photo above was used for inspiration to make a better torch. The image is taken from the game Shovel Knight in it’s first level. The torch created has a similar shape the one from Shovel Knight with some changes to the lining on the the […]

Sound Options

Music and Sound Effect now have different sound Options to make them independent from each other. The system is working however  there are currently issues with the starting music which I will be working to resolve. The menu now features a character animations to make the menus more interesting. The game now uses alternate key types to […]

Sunday Scrum Week 24

Due to the lack of direct communication and development. The project is experiencing lighter levels of work which will resume by the next week when the work will be completed. Our programmer has completed and improved the options for the music and is working on a solution to have all of the components of the menu […]

Week 24

Last Weeks Tasks: Task Action Person Responsible Complete Program HUD and Menu Program Jason Complete Additional Sprites Draw and submit Ali Complete Complete Menu Background Draw and Submit Reece Complete Our artist has completed drawing additional sprites for the environments in game for the following week he will be redrawing some of the existing drawings to […]

Designing a new room

My task for this week is to design a new room for the environment, originally I decided to create a room entirely different to the other rooms. It was going to be a room with stone walls and mud floor, instead of the usual brick walls with tiles or carpet on the floor. However after […]

Sunday Scrum Week 23

Our programmer has made some adjustments to the audio system to make the setup easy to apply to different sections and will be finishing that system soon to work on the work submitted by his teammates to improve the Menu and HuD. Our animator has completed the work for the Menu and is ready to export […]

Main Menu – Finished

The background has been complete, we had the idea of animating the character subtly to make the background more interesting, so each individual piece of the character has been broken down into its own seperate layer/object for the convinience of animating the character in such a way.