Evaluation Animator

Project Strengths The idea of the game was executed well for the most part, the aim was to create a top-down game dungeon explorer with a simplistic art style behind it. The art style matched well to the retro-theme we intended to make, all characters, environment and sounds blend well and it’s hard to spot […]

Evaluation Environment Artist

Games Management Evaluation   Project Strengths: Overall the project went really well, we managed to communicate efficiently as a team and have a meeting twice a week, to discuss our progress and the direction we will be moving in. We were each tasked with our own role and performed efficiently. At the start of this […]

Evaluation Team Leader

Project Strengths In general, the effectiveness of the project was well met with the project being completed in a good time schedule and to a good standard, there was little evidence of major contingencies within the development cycle and effective ease had been talked in order to resolve any constrains. Each team member adapted well […]

Final Touches

I have completed a new set of levels that include the new enemies that have not been seen previously as well as the new keys and doors to increase the difficulty and complexity. The game now has addressed player concerns with early playtesting, player commented on being unaware of when they could fire so I have […]

Sunday Scrum Week 25

With all of the team members busy with other project the rate of work for this week has suffered. Despite this the plan for the level construction has been planned for each team member to have time to receive the correct version of the project and have time to build level up until the next meeting.

Troll Enemy – Improved Attack

The original attack frames were not too ideal for the style of the enemy, the idea originally in mind was to present the attack slower to allow the player a chance to hit the enemy’s higher damage dealing ability. As a result, the frames were tweaked with additional movements and trails to make the attack […]

Week 25

Last Weeks Tasks: Task Action Person Responsible Complete Add additional key and doors Program Jason Complete Bug Fixing Program Jason Complete Improve Enemy Animations Draw and Submit Reece Extended Improve Sprite Quality Draw and Submit Ali Complete The following week will be focused around building since many of the components of the game are fully […]