Evaluation Team Leader

Project Strengths

In general, the effectiveness of the project was well met with the project being completed in a good time schedule and to a good standard, there was little evidence of major contingencies within the development cycle and effective ease had been talked in order to resolve any constrains. Each team member adapted well to their position without concern or difficulty of how to produce their section of the work.

The primary strength throughout the project’s development was to maintain consistent contact between all members at each time. Due to the team’s consistent communication of work and attendance to meetings, the team was able to maintain contact between tasks development. This was achieved by hosting regular meetings to ensure progress from each team member was being completed and progress could be measured between allocated tasks to receive consistent feedback on the work being produced. This practice has allowed for the benefits of consistent levels of quality of work to be produced from each team member of the period of development.

This also achieved the benefit of the team being able to resolve issues that would occur during the development process rather than having to apply solutions at the end of development. The primary example of this use occurred when deciding they system to be made for designing the levels for the prototype.

Another example would be the character’s meu animations, which meant the team, had to discuss potential solutions to achieve this outcome and find the best solution to create the animations in question. This would not have been achievable without the consistent communication and feedback from each team member.

Project Weaknesses

One weakness of the project was in the tracking of progress throughout the project. Despite the good levels of progress, and an effective review progress; there were frequent occasions of team member not providing evidence of the work they had produced on online resources such as the blog or online tracking resources. This is most visible in the trello resource used where team member have fluctuating difference between frequency and quantity of work produced which is not reflective of the development. This is most likely due the appliance of this resource during development. Despite this, there was frequent requests during meeting for each user to make activity on these resources, which was not an effective measure, and thus a large difference in activity can be seen between each team member’s activities.

Additionally there could have been better management of the assets for the project. As the project began to expand of the duration, it would have been advisable to use a tracking list for all of the items in the game, this was used additionally used for the music to know what was created and used in game but this would have been better suited for the project in general. In some cases, it became difficult to know what items had been fully implemented and which were in development.


As the manager of the project, I believe that I was an effective team leader to the project. This is due to the project’s final condition, the obstacles I have had to face and the solutions I have used to bypass these concerns. To begin with, the prototypes result is an accurate representation of what was imagines as the product. I believe that I was able to manage me and my teammate’s time, skills and resources to produce a fully functional product. I also believe that I made effective decisions about how to maximise the abilities of the team, I achieved this by making frequent meetings between each week to check the progress of each team member, which cause an increase in quality, and rate of work to increase after this introduction.

I could have improved my ability as a team leader by managing more on the tracking of assets in the project, which could have improved the production of the prototype by allowing other users to know what items had and had not been implemented into the project so there could be better use of time throughout the development.

I also believe that I could have managed the online tasks for each member on the trello site as a resolution for other members not documenting their tasks.  This would have allowed me to be a more effective team leader, as I would have a better ability to track the progress of the other team leaders.

I believe I managed as a programmer to fulfil the objective set in the Game Deign Document pitched previously. There are some areas that had been flawed in my techniques such as the complex weapon systems, which is mostly due to technical ability, time restraints, difficult with repairing a system inherent to the player and a risk assessment of removing a core component of the project. However, I have managed to find practical solution too many of these complex issues and focus my skill set on everything I am capable of such as the enemy AI, saving systems and the lighting conditions of the game. As a result, the objectives of the prototype have been more than met with examples of effective technical efficiency and an ability to find practical solution to more complex issues.

Animator Review

Our animator had an effective means of producing animations that matched the specification of the Game Design Document and responded well to feedback. In such an example of production and animation, the work received feedback for a different style of animation of which was taken well and resulted in improved animations whenever this occurred. Additionally our animation was able to produce some additional character artwork that is visible from the menu screen.

The primary weakness for the animator was in his ability to manage his time properly. During the development of the enemies of the game it became apparent that our animator was missing deadlines for submissions based on the time he allowed for himself, although this did not have a major effect on the project’s development as the measures takes did resolve this issue. It was apparent that a selection of his targets became delayed thus slowing the process of the project. This concern was heighted by occurrences of our animator spending time away from the project to work on other project therefore slowing progress further.

The solution used to fix this issue was to have more frequent meetings thought each week to track the progress of each member to ensure that they had been working on the project consistently thought the week. This measure have been largely successful as the rate of work increased after this solution had been applied. This is mostly due to meetings providing a method progress between tasks set and the meeting in question to ensure work was in progress, review the work current completed and offer suggestions to improve the current work.

Artist Review

A positive feature of our animator was in his ability to be adaptive to tasks and would optionally take up new tasks and produce them to a good level on time to begin the next task. This can be seen in the artwork produced in the tile sheets where suggestions for different room designs had been offered and were completed. Additionally there is a large level of sound and music produced from our artist for the project in which he offered to insert himself into the project.

Our artist was also able to learn new software and implement this into the development cycle despite his limitations technically displaying his ability to learn how to apply his skillset to the project and willingness to work on the project.

The main weakness of our artist was mostly due to technical effectiveness. Although this was a minor issue it was evident that our artist had some difficult understanding how to produce his work that was applicable to the project. This became aware in conversations discussing how to design his background tiles for the levels. Due to this being a minor inconvenience to the project, this did not produced alarming concerns during development and having more frequent meeting where the development was explained more thoroughly and describing specifically how to produce his work such as the tile sets, doors and walls meant that he have a better understanding on how to produce the work.


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