Evaluation Environment Artist

Games Management Evaluation


Project Strengths:

Overall the project went really well, we managed to communicate efficiently as a team and have a meeting twice a week, to discuss our progress and the direction we will be moving in. We were each tasked with our own role and performed efficiently. At the start of this project we originally planned to have 8 levels, we made the 8 levels which serve as the introduction episode to the game, after that we made two more episodes each one made by a different member of the team to further explore mechanics and level design previously introduced. Apart from a couple of occasions we communicated really we with each other throughout the entirety of the project. We spent a day a week working on the project at university, then we had a voice chat on the weekend to see how our progress was going. Over half term we met online instead of at university to keep our twice a week schedule.

Project Weaknesses:

Overall the project didn’t have any major weaknesses, however there were several aspects which we could have done better. The tile set to be used for the game was exported 6 times because we didn’t communicate properly on the assets which we needed, it would have helped if we had a more thorough asset list. We could have used our blog and Trello more efficiently. The blog was used mainly for our meeting minutes, with the occasional post to talk about the what we are developing at the time. The blog would have been better served if we spent more time discussing the processes we used for making the game.
If we started to build the levels a week or two earlier, we would have had more time for testing. Because we didn’t finish building the levels until the last week, this led us to have minimal amount of external testing, most of it was done by us.

Project Artist Review:

Our artist and animator, did a great job at animating designing and animating the characters, they each have a low frame count but do a great job of portraying the character. Near the end of the project he also added in some more detail on to certain animations like the troll axe swing. The one thing the both of us could have done better is co-operate and make our art styles match, instead we each worked individually on our work.

Team Leader Review:

Our Team Leader did a good job of sending the project the right direction by keeping the project organised and assigning us tasks to complete each week. Even with the work he had to do on the programming he still managed to keep the project organised and moving forward.



I am satisfied with the work I have done on this project, although  there is more I wish I could have done, I always managed to meet the deadline and balance this project with other work. If there was anything I could do different it would be to have spent more time learning about creating 2D art at the beginning of this project, I only spent 2 weeks, then I started making the sprites. If I had spent more time learning the fundamentals of designing 2D game sprites the final look may have been better.


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