Week 24

Last Weeks Tasks:

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Program HUD and Menu Program Jason Complete
Additional Sprites Draw and submit Ali Complete
Complete Menu Background Draw and Submit Reece Complete

Our artist has completed drawing additional sprites for the environments in game for the following week he will be redrawing some of the existing drawings to improve their quality.

Our programmer has completed the programming for the menu by adding separate sliders for the music and sounds of the game. For this week, he will need to add additional doors and keys to the game to allow for increased complexity of levels. Also he will be fixing specific issues to the programing. There are known issues with sounds not playing that will need to be addressed. This is not a large concern as the project is still functional with these issues.

Our animator has been discussing the menu animation with the programmer to make the effect more convincing and discuss methods of improvements. He will be improving work he has completed by adding additional frames to some of the existing animators to offer more detail. For now he has agreed to enhance the troll attack animation to make the state more distinguishable and draw a extra frame for the spider.

This Weeks Tasks:

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Add additional key and doors Program Jason 20/04/17
Bug Fixing Program Jason 20/04/17
Improve Enemy Animations Draw and Submit Reece 20/04/17
Improve Sprite Quality Draw and Submit Ali 20/04/17

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