Sunday Scrum Week 22

So far the workflow is in a relaxed state since the primary objectives for the project have been completed and now the time is being spent creating additions for the project and polishing any issues with the game. Due to this the team are focusing on any other major projects whilst spending short amounts of time between to work on the project.

Our programmer has been implementing a system to allow the player to adjust the volume. Currently he has the game saving the percentage value for the volume and will be working to complete a slider by the next week.

After discussing the tiling issues with the environmental artist, he has created the corresponding tiles to correct the current issues with the sheets to complete the levels. From here he will be working to correct the HuD design to make more use of the space.

Our animator has been working to draw the main menu and so far has the concept complete for how he plans to have the menu work. His idea was to have a drawing of the main character as part of the menu and has displayed his concepts for his intentions. He has discussed this idea with the programmer to know it’s level of difficulty to implement. Due to the positive response; he will complete the drawing by the next meeting.


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