Week 21

Last Weeks Task

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Save System  Design Jason Complete
Update HUD Elements Draw and submit Ali Complete
Create Spider Animations Draw and Submit Reece Complete

Our Environmental Artist will be meeting for the next meeting to discuss the new design for the walls after understanding how to design the walls to suit the game.

A similar discussion will be has with our animator to receive the image of the bat to talk about the attack animations. In the meantime he will be drawing the ideal tate and the fly cycle so the team can view the sprites and offer feedback for how the attack animation can be completed. Currently the spider attack animations are not yet existent but we will be switching to complete the bat animation as it will be more important to have all the enemies drawn to some level than have some fully completed than any missing form the project. Towards the end of the project, there should be time to compete the attack animations.

Our programmer will be fixing known issues with the code currently until the next meeting when the new animations and tile sets are completed. Once completed he will be replacing the current asses with the completed sections to make the current set of levels to be near completion.

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Update Animations and Sprites Program Jason 30/03/17
Finalise Existing Tileset Draw and submit Ali 30/03/17
Create Bat Idle and Fly Animation Draw and Submit Reece 30/03/17





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