Saving Update 2

The saving feature has been fully implement with the player being able to reload their stats on level change, this is ideal for restarting a level after failure. As can be seen here the information saved varies from the weapons collected and their ammunition types. This information updated once the player has completed a level.

As of current the system checks for any existing files to load from and if cannot, will not allow the player to load to the section.

I will continue to work on this setting after the deadline to add additional sections such as the time taken to complete the levels. In this example the file has been removed and thus cannot detect and data to load. Upon starting the game the save file will create or update the information relevant to the levels.

As seen the file is generated to preserve any information needed to continue for the last selected menu.

Power Bar

In response to playtesting, I have noticed that player are unaware of how to fire the weapon and select to each item. For now I have a power up metre to show the player when they can and can’t fire on each weapon. I will see how this option influences player’s experiences of the project.


I have also added changes to the menu options of the game by changing the fonts to suit the theme better and improving the resolution. This is aso more convenient for designing button than prior as an individual sprite does not have to be designed for these buttons to work. I will restrain for adding more of this until feedback from teammates to see if they have any other thoughts.


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