Level Blocks

Currently I have designed the level blocks for the first levels featured in the Game Design Documents with all the existing assets in place and will be developing the remaining features in a later point.

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After reviewing the levels in the GDD and whether they are fully suited for the game. I have built them, in cases where they have not been fully suited I have made adjustments to the layout to what I believe is a more effective level. This can be seen with the third level where I have move the room positions to allow areas to be visible throughout, this has been done to give a more objective based level so the player is aware of where they should be aiming towards. This is also useful for the introduction of new features in the game such as the key and level triggers as I feel make the player more aware of the teachings.

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In some cases level have had full redesigns, this is for other reason. As seen in the mock for level 4, the level is designed to show the player that traps are a dangerous hazard of the game by having an enemy walk into the trap to be defeated making the player aware of the hazard. This design would not work in the game as the interaction between the enemies and traps is non-existent making the level’s intention impossible. There is the option to script the event to happen although this would cause issues in the future. By doing this the levels is presenting two outcomes of either the player learning that enemies can be directed into traps for an advanced strategy. Alternatively that player could be lead to believe that these encounters are possible and can occur in game. The issue with these two ideas is that they do not occur naturally in game.

The easiest solution would be to redesign the level are that the player is not being misled with false assumption about the game. Which is what I have created currently. I do believe that his is a more suited level however I will need feedback in order to know for certain. For now the level will stay as it is unless a new idea can be thought up to change the design.



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