Goblins & Bats

Goblins now have directional sprites bases on where they are looking and fire projectiles in the corresponding direction.

I have begun development on the bot enemy type which has the properties of circling the player and biting the player before retreating.

Currently I have the movement system working with some issues of snapping but I will be working to correct these issues once I have the full design completed. Currently I am in the development of completing the attacks and apply in the weapons to correctly damage the enemy.

Additionally I have created the ammunition systems for the game where each weapon depends on a certain ammunition type in order to be fired. As well as having sprites from our artist to display these items. The weapon have also been updated in their behaviour so that each weapon fires the correct object with varying properties such as fire speed, number of arrows/bullets fired and splash damage.

Desktop 02.26.2017 -


Over the next week I will be working to improve the systemd with the bats as well as tweak the weapon system as the properties are not currently consistent.


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