Sunday Scrum

Currently this weeks Progress has been relatively average with free member of the team being able to complete their work and others working towards other goals but still being able to invest time into the project.

Out Animator has continued work with other responsibilities and therefore has a reduced work output, although the work has been low so far, he is certain that the work can be completed on schedule.

Out Environmental artist has been able to return the project back with the additions of changes sounds, menu music and small props to complete. Currently most of the work has been completed with a few additions in the work still needed.

Out programmer has been unable to meet this week but has caught up the following day with his status. Currently the animations submitted by the animator have been placed into the project to fit the characters and the currently submitted small props into the game. The ammunition system has now been implemented to all of the weapons meaning they are dependant on resources to be used there have been some issues with the matching the movement systems with the animations resulting in a small compromise but does not affect the functionality of the game.


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