Guns & Menus

Menu Concept


I have developed an early concept for a menu and will be waiting for feedback from my teammates for any suggestions and changes that need to be made.

Weapon Switches

The weapon options have now been fully developed so that the player can switch between each weapon that has a different behaviour. There are still some variables that need to be changes but for now this should be serviceable for our needs.

Death Screen

The game now features a new death screen where the options will fade in on top of the game.

Until I can receive the artwork to add to the menus and weapons these changes will stay current. I will also be unable to work on the project over the next few days as I will be handing over the project to our environmental artist. He will be adding the new sounds to the project and potentially some of the new artwork for items in game. In the meantime I will be working on other assignments and will switch back when I get the next version of the project.


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