Sunday Scrum Week 15

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Program Weapons  Code Jason Complete
Create Additional Sprites Draw and submit Ali In Progress
Animate Goblin Draw and Submit Reece In Progress
Menu Design Mock up Jason Complete
Sound Editing Edit Existing Clips Ali In Progress
Create Zombie Character Draw and Submit Reece In Progress

Progress is going well our animator is still busy with outside projects although he has been able to manage his situation finally and therefore should have completed his task by the next meeting minute. Our environmental artist has completed fractions of each task and now has the new version of the project to add his sections. The meeting has cleared some queries he had on his tasks and so can now continue with completing and adding his work to the project.

The Programmer has completed his task for the week in time for the project handover. Due to the face that he does not have the current project, he will continue to work on other tasks outside of the task to clear up his schedule for the retrieval of the project by the next meeting. He will also be available  throughout the week to answer any questions for the environmental artist should he have any difficulties with the project.


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