Sunday Scrum Week 14

Our character artist has completed the perspectives for the zombie creature and will be working to complete the animations for the next time we have a meeting. Due to other weighing responsibilities our character artist’s output has been reduced this week although still on schedule to complete each weekly task. By the next meeting the animations for the zombie should be complete meaning that he is still on track despite other projects. The animations should not take too long to complete as our artist already has a reference for walking animations as well as less perspectives to draw.


So far the environmental artist has already completed a large range of environmental sprites for the project. For now he will be taking the project to add the sounds that are available and adding them. Once the sounds have been added the project will be returned so the other assets can continue to be created.

For now the programmer can not do much work for the project, in the meantime he will be working on other projects until he can receive the next build of the project to continue the work. He will also create a checklist to note all of the  sounds that are in the project and what need to be added.

To understand each team members position and their outside responsibilities. The progress of their other task will be tracked to know if their workflow will need to be lightened or increased for each week as they work on other projects.



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