DotD Spiders Preview

As mentioned last week, I have been able to create the basic code for the spiders for Dungeon of the Dark. Spiders will act as shadows on the ceiling and move towards the player slowly if the spider is close enough. Once the spider reaches the player, they will drop down and attack the player rapidly. Also mentioned in the last meeting was for me to create the lock and keys for the game so we could get the basic room layouts closer to completion. In the meantime I have also been able to create a few more extra features.

Mouse Look System

Based on the camera’s movement in the last build of the game, I have felt that I could improve the system. For now I have implemented a mouse and player tracking camera which will attempt to frame the player’s position in the game as well as the direction of where the player is looking.


Trolls have been implemented to the game for preview due to the similarity to the zombie base program the difficulty in implementing these was much more easy than any other method.

Screen Shake

For now I have a temporary screen shake system that will rotate the camera whenever a shot is fired before drowning out. This system is very primitive for now as I feel that the the motion is very disorienting and will be working to improve the system as I continue.

Weapon Switching

I have been able to show weapon switching in my game so the player can switch through different weapons of the game. Currently this system is primitive as there are some flaws with the current system which I will be working to complete soon.

Character Animations

Based of the work received by our character artist. I have imported the character’s movement into the game for directional movement.


There are many other features that have been added since the last week although many of these new features are subject to change or removal since that have not been fully tested or have not received feedback for other team members or any playtesters.

Next Week’s Progress

As for next week, my workflow will be lighter as I will be passing the current build to our Environmental Artist to implement the sounds for the existing items and creates of the game. This will mean I am not able to receive a current build until he has completed therefore I will be focusing on my other project until I can resume work on the game. Working on my other project now will be mean that I will not need to take time away from the project closer to the deadline. Fortunately implementing the sound should not take long so I will be back to work on the project soon.

When I am able to resume work on the project, I will be working on the weapon switching system by adding different ammunition sets to the game as well as the behaviors of each of the weapons. After I have completed that, I will be attempting to add bats to the game as the final AI system of the game.


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