Week 14

Last Week’s Tasks

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Create Different Ai Patterns Apply Base AI to Multiple Jason Complete
Complete Basic Object Sprites Draw and Upload Ali Complete
Character Animations Create Player Walking Animation Reece Complete
Create Player Character Animations & Test New Software Create alternate artwork for testing Reece Further Time Required

Currently rates of work are high however after discussing with the group. It is likely that the output rate will suffer while the team is working on other projects. For now the  task will be kept minimal to allow progress to continue while still allowing time for the team to work on their other projects. The review will still continue in the next few days to make sure that the work is still being completed and check to schedules of each member so that the timescale  for each member’s time away from the project can be measured, this way, the timescale for this project can be adjusted to suit the workflow of each member.

This Week’s Task

Task Action Person Responsible Complete
Lock & Key & Add Weapons  Program Objects Jason 09/02/17 Review
Apply Enemy Sounds  Add to Project Ali 09/02/17 Review
Create Zombie Character Draw & Animate Reece 09/02/17 Review

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