Sunday Scrum Week 13

This weeks progress has been caught up to view the progress of each member, progress is going well however there is still a lot of progress to go.


The code for the Goblin has been complete meaning there is another AI behaviors developed and ready for the levels of the project.

Up next the Ogre and Spider code will be implemented to complete more of the AI behaviors to be implemented into the game. The difficulty in implementing these AI behaviors can be difficult although based on my current knowledge and the patterns being similar to work I have previously completed.

Our environmental artist have been developing many room environment for testing and varying the visual styles of the dungeons Over the next week he will be continuing this development on Sprite Sheets to come up with more varying styles. There should be little difficult for our artist to create more samples other than other weighting responsibilities.

Our character Artist has completed the character perspectives.

From here he is working on the animation process which is nearing completion, this should be a simplistic process as the perspective have been completed and out character artist is confident in hir animation ability within 2D software the style of the art is also addition meaning little time is required to complete the animation per character.



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